Tech Cleaning is also active in the field of portable toilets. The company consistently and responsibly undertakes the transport, installation and maintenance of the portable toilet. Portable toilets can be placed:

  • On construction sites
  • In public places
  • At concerts
  • At events
  • Wherever reliable and clean toilets are needed immediately.

Each portable toilet has:

  • Toilet cleaning with a foot pump or hand pump
  • Hanger
  • Fresh water washbasin with foot or hand pump
  • Mirror
  • The device with cream soap
  • Toilet tissue holder
  • Interior cabin lighting is activated by a photocell.


Tech Cleaning has the best service for you :

  • Portable toilets
  • Portable toilets for the disabled
  • Washbasins
  • Changing cabins
  • Showers
  • Special vehicles for the transport and support of portable toilets


Finally, it provides consistently, reliably and responsibly the following services:

  • Emptying the waste tank of the portable toilets, cleaning and disinfecting inside and outside the cabin with a pressure of 150 bar with a specially configured vehicle
  • Refueling with an ecological liquid that breaks down sewage and eliminates odors
  • Replenishment of the hand basin tank with fresh water
  • Supply of toilet paper and cream soap
  • The fresh aroma of the cabin
  • Repair of minor damage or replacement of the cabin

For any additional information do not hesitate to contact us directly!