They are provided by experienced and qualified staff with specialized knowledge of new equipment and new cleaning methods.

Our company can consistently and responsibly meet even the most demanding needs of each customer as it has new cleaning equipment and uses products and materials from well-known companies.

We provide cleaning services that include:


  • Daily cleaning of buildings and premises
  • Maintenance cleaning services : it includes planned daily tasks with strict adherence to a specific program, achieving the maintenance of an optimal level of cleanliness in each area and building.
  • Initial cleaning of buildings and spaces after construction and renovations: It includes initial cleaning tasks before the customer's installation, such as: cleaning of floors, frames, non-visible areas, removal of useless objects and materials, removal of hard dirt, etc.
  • Cleaning of glass panes using lifting equipment
  • Cleaning of carpets, rugs, furniture, etc.
  • Cleaning and washing floors with state-of-the-art machines and materials
  • Emergency cleanings: includes cleanings after fires, floods, graffiti, etc.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of special areas (e.g. hospitals, museums, hotels, etc.)
  • Cleaning of external surfaces
  • Cleaning of surrounding areas, manually or with mechanical equipment
  • Specialized cleanings
  • Mobile cleaning crews for immediate intervention

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